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I was a top-rated consultant for 6+ years at McKinsey in New York, London and India and have a clear system to make sure you have the best shot of getting into your dream firm.

If you choose to work with me, you will have access to the following : 

  • Wide range of practice cases to round out your skills

  • Honest, direct feedback—I respect your time and commitment

  • My goal is to provide more than a single one-hour interview training session—I want you to understand your path to success.

  • Tailored sessions based on your development needs. Our session will end when your questions are answered and you have certain clarity on the next steps.

  • We will stay in touch after the session for last minute advice, free of charge.

Resume Review and Cover Letter Review

 I provide detailed comments and edits on your resume and cover letter offline followed by a call to go through any questions you have. This is especially helpful if you are starting your recruitment process as a great resume can open many doors, while an unpolished resume or cover letter leaves a poor first impression


Drills on areas of weakness

I have many practice drills from real cases that we can do on structuring, reading and analyzing graphs, analysis (math) questions and creativity questions. The best way to improve on a skill is to practice practice practice till you get good at it and I can help you do that in the most effective way.


Case Interview Coaching

This session consists of a full case (45 - 50 mins) and actionable feedback on all areas that are relevant to case performance. I have a detailed rubric I used at McKinsey when interviewing. I will be grading you across all of the metrics identified and at the end of the session we will have identified key strengths, opportunity areas and next steps to improve your performance.



Using proprietary tools, I will help you craft and deliver great stories during our session. The first hour is split into two 30 min sessions; the first 30 mins is where I will show you exactly how to craft a story for each PEI question. We will then break for you to work on your story and the following 30 minutes will be spent on revising and editing what you have worked on in the interim.

Let's Work Together

I worked at McKinsey for over 6 years and was primarily based out of NYC which is the most competitive office to get into. In the last 10 years I have helped over 250 students and professionals in the United States, China, Europe, India and the UK navigate the interview process and get offers at their desired firms. My main focus is on management consulting roles, specifically tailored to the McKinsey (interviewer led) recruitment process. 

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