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Student Writing



Follow these guideline to craft a winning resume

  • Your resume should be only one page for clarity and ease of use. Your recruiter will easily find your best achievements. 


  • Provide no more than 2 sentences per bullet. Any more is excess, and distracts from the purpose of your experience. Make every word count. 

  • Follow a structure for each experience. I like the following :

    • 1st bullet - Objective(s) of the experience you're writing about.

    • 2nd bullet - Details on the tasks performed.

    • 3rd bullet - The final results or outcome of the experience, quantified if possible.


  • Do not attempt to hide important information such as your GPA unless you are at a point in your career where GPA does not matter.


  • Formatting can be annoying, but it is extremely important because it conveys attention to detail. Focus on formatting your resume in an eye-catching and efficient way.


  • Do not make grammatical or spelling errors. If found, they often mean the end of your journey. Proofread and edit your resume several times to avoid this mistake. 


  • Include details that make you personable. For example, write about how much you enjoy competitive ballroom dancing, but leave out commonplace interests like travel (unless you have some specific stories such as completing a challenge). Interests that make you unique are most noteworthy.


  • Lastly—this goes without saying—do not lie on your resume. If you claim to have worked somewhere you did not, you will be found out and you will lose your job.


For a resume review session, I'll spend 30 minutes going through your resume on my own and provide detailed and actionable comments and direct edits. Then, we'll schedule a 30-minute session to discuss my changes and any questions you might have. Sometimes, it takes more than one session to get it right. Like I said earlier, the resume is your introduction to the company, so it is important to perfect it

Lastly, as promised, below is a resume template to help you get started

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