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What should I do before applying for a role at MBB?

There are three critical steps to follow before applying to be a management consultant:

Make sure you're a good fit - The most vital step that many candidates skip is genuinely considering whether this career is the right one for you. Consulting can be a very enriching career, but it comes at a high personal cost. While there are many valid reasons to be a consultant, there are also reasons that are not great, such as a love for travel. Do your research and make sure this is a path that will give you the satisfaction you want Don't put off networking until the last minute - Like any other job, your chances of getting into consulting increase exponentially as you start to reach out to people currently in the industry. The better you know the individual, the higher your chances of getting time and potentially a recommendation from them. Make sure you also use this opportunity to understand the role and interview processes well. I have many strategies for how to network well, regardless of your background! Keep up on the latest developments in the industry - consulting has undergone a massive change over the last few years. MBAs are no longer a requirement. There are many more specialist career paths. The list of services offered is endless and not restricted to strategy presentations. Knowing all of this can help you in the interview but also importantly help you decide where in the consulting ecosystem your skills fit in best

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