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How to Answer "Why Consulting?" in Interviews

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

  1. Be specific. E.g., it is okay to say I want to learn about more industries, it is better to say that during my time at xx and yy internships, I realized that the part of the job that excited me most was problem solving or looking at things from a strategic perspectives and presenting those findings to senior leaders

  2. Make sure your answers reflect what matters as a consultant. For example, MBB typically will not serve smaller startups so if that is your interest it may not be the best fit

  3. Don't focus on the glamorous aspects of the job in your answer - e.g., travel - this gets old really fast and people will be weary of your answer if that is what is most exciting to you

  4. Do mention instances where you think consulting has had a big impact on a company or industry and why this is important to your decision making process

As to why a particular firm

  1. Make sure you read up about the firm and it's culture and values. Everyone wants to be told they are special and unique, understand what makes each firm unique

  2. For example, McKinsey almost always works at the client site because they think it is critical to build sustainable long term relationships in order to be the best consultant, Bain on the other hand typically works from their home office. Similarly McKinsey has a global staffing model and BCG does not etc.

  3. Go to events and informations sessions to learn more. Firms will tell you what they want to hear, they also want to know you have made the effort to go to events when possible and are genuinely interested. If you do go - make sure you refernce that you went and how it helped you learn about the firm in your answer

  4. It is always a good idea to talk about the specific people you know at the company and why they helped you in your decision making process and how that matters to you

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